Meet the Wedding Chick Behind the Brands

About Dixie Bagley

Hey there, it’s Dixie!

I’m a Georgia native, venue owner, venue coach for the Bridal Society, certified wedding planner, and consultant who helps wedding professionals become the boss in their business.

If you want to thrive as a business owner, you must turn everything into an opportunity.

It all started when my husband and I purchased a barn back in 2008. We used it to host an impromptu wedding and afterward, more people in town asked if they could book our barn as their wedding venue.

I opened the space as a wedding venue called The Farm and before I knew it, I was booked out every single weekend for the next year and a half. As more opportunities came, I became a wedding planner, sweet shop owner, and founded the Southern Wedding Collective an online directory for wedding vendors in the South.

At this point, I’ve been told I can sell shit in a paper bag. And a lot of people ask me how I seem to do it all.

It’s because I’ve learned to…

✔️ Run my businesses ethically with the legal processes to prove it which unfortunately isn’t as regulated in the wedding industry as it should be

✔️ Accept that shit will happen, learn to be resourceful, pivot when I need to, and maximize opportunities to make a profit

✔️ Nurture a talented network of vendors I respect and trust to provide high-quality service and hold myself to the same standard

✔️ See showing up for my business as my responsibility to get the job done and seeking support when I need it most

With over 400 events under my belt,  I know what it takes to be the boss of a successful and ethical wedding business. Now let’s get in the trenches and help you become the boss of yours.

Stay Golden,

My Favorite Things

Thai Food

Good Wine

Captain (My Husband)

My Kids

It’s Time to Build Your Business, Boss